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A method for enhancing resilience; MBSR is an experiential eight-week program which cultivates mental, physical and psychological resilience. You will learn a range of mindfulness practices to cultivate observant, accepting and compassionate stance towards your thoughts, emotional states, body sensations and impulses. This awareness can be used in the service of learning and growth in one’s life, enabling one to consciously respond with clarity and focus, rather than react out of habitual patterns.

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Twelve free mindfulness recordings, which are practiced within this 8 week program. View also on Soundcloud & Insight Timer for venue details & more information about MBSR

Lisa is a Yoga & meditation teacher with more than 29 years of self-practice and teaching experience in educational, corporate, medical & organizational settings. She has been facilitating 8-week mindfulness-based interventions since 2007, including MBSR, MB-Stillness Meditation & MB-Restorative Yoga. See Lisa Pollard Yoga – Free App, Download on - What’s New or Yoga & Mindfulness. The app has push notifications, a great way to stay up to date with ongoing mindfulness & yoga offerings. 

Price: $660 & $440 Concession: Includes course workbook, mindfulness recordings and ongoing access to class MBSR website.

Once registration has been recieved each participant will be called, a short discussion about course details, home practice and any further questions about the 8 week program. Lisa Pollard can be called on 0403 186 146 if you have any further questions.

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Lisa is also available to faciitate this 8 week MBSR course privately & via Skype.                                            Ph: 0403 186 146