Taking your Seat

A straight backed chair is a wonderful prop for sitting meditation, encouraging a neutral spine. Sitting a little forward on the chair, pubic bone pointing slightly down, to maintain a natural lumbar curve. Knees lower than the hips, feet hip distance and flat on the floor. Feel free to use a rolled up blanket or pillow behind the lower back if lumbar support is required. 

There are many things you can use around the home to build the hips up higher than the knees for comfort to investigate meditation positions on the floor. Hard cover books, foot stools, folded blankets, firm pillows and cushions, the possibilities and combinations are endless.

To purchase your own props, here are some useful websites I have found reliable, delivery is usually around 3-5 working days. See images below for prop variations, when sitting or kneeling on the floor. 

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Yoga Props


Black Dragon Seats


Calming Blankets 


Zafu Meditation Cushions



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