Day of Mindfulness

Day of Mindfulness, Home Retreat with Online Guided Recordings 

Due to current helath concerns all Day Retreats are to be practiced at home, below is a suggested schedule. You might like to try a half day retreat at home there are suggested practices below which you can explore and add to the yoga & mindfulness practices already expleoered in this 8 wk MBSR Course.

  • Please arrive by 9:15am to set up your props, for a 9:30am start
  • Mobile phones on aeroplane mode please, or leave them in the car to minimise distractions.
  • Digital Detox
  • There will be silence of the eyes and speech, allowing you the opportunity to deepen your practice
  • Please provide your own props for sitting meditation, also perhaps a shawl or small blanket for meditation
  • Bring along food and drinks for the day, there is a fridge & microwave
  • Bring along your own cup & tea bags if you wnat to access the kettle
  • Lunch will be an eating meditation, also in silence
  • Wear layers to keep warm/ cool as the weather can be variable
  • Bring along a hat, we will be doing some walking meditation outside, or however you move through space
  • Remember to leave any reading or writing material at home, as this can also be a distraction from cultivating present moment awareness
  • The day is mostly in silence, with guided recordings 
  • This day provides time and space for focussed practice
  • I look forward to being with you all for this day of practice together
  • The day is an exploration of the mindfulness practices we have learnt so far in the MBSR course, in the spirit of self-care
  • A place to practice non-doing and stepping out of the busyness of evryday life
  • Lisa Pollard 0403 186 146

Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for your home retreat with Lisa Pollard.

Centering & Grounding - 15 min

4 Postures Practice - 32 min

Sitting, Walking & Breathing - 31 min

Feel free to add together any practices you enjoy, mindful walking, mindfule cup of tea & mindful eating.


Some teachings and guided meditations to deepen your practice.

Mindfulness for Beginners - By Jon Kabat-Zinn


Bob Stahl - 30 minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation


Jack Kornfield - Joys of the Awakened Heart Pt 1


Tara Brach - Mindfulness Meditation: Nine Guided Practices (Audio Excerpt)