Developing a Self Practice

Owning your practice

Ask the question each day, What is called for now?

Tune into the wisdom of your body-mind, be curious and interested.

Are you making choices with your practice that nourish you through mindfulness?

Experiment with unguided practices to cultivate your creativity and integrate the practices into your daily life.

It's the experimentation that's most improtant.

Touch base with what you know, What do I need, what's called for? and have fun.

You can play around with all of the practices we have explored so far; yoga, walking, sitting and lying down meditation. You have 45 minutes to cultivate a practice which evolves out of present moment awareness. Notice how the postures and practices can lead you on a journey of discovery with the body, mind & heart. Listen closely to the unfolding experience. 

Remember whatever we do with the body effects the mind and whatever we do with the mind effects the body.

I look forward to hearing all about your self-practice in week 8

You may also like to experiment with writing down some ideas or plans for how your self-prcatice might unfold once the course finishes.

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